"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"
Without preparation, we cannot achieve our Goals


As a developer, our team's extensive experience not only allows us to offer a premium service but to deliver a viable project. We strive to enhance the lives of people in the local community. IDP having over 50 years of experience in acquisition, development, and ownership is able to coordinate all aspects of Pre-Development and Development services:

Pre-Development Services

Property selection
Evaluation analysis
Program verification and application
Schematic design and layout
Financial analysis and underwriting

Development Services

Pre-construction coordination
Construction oversight and execution
Financial underwriting
Equity and Debt negotiation and Closing
Transition to management/ownership
Acquisition and legal coordination
Design oversight and execution

Developing Real Estate is local, and development services should mandate individuality for each property.


Our Team offers construction management services that will deliver a sustainable project to completion on-time and in-budget. With 50 years of experience in the construction industry, IDP Housing implements the best construction management by building relationships, documenting and double checking processes and plans, and communicating with the owner, architect, engineer and subcontractors.

Pre-Construction estimating
Construction oversight
Owners and contractors team meeting
Plan review and inspections
Thorough documentation
Post-Construction follow-up


Construction is at its best when preparation, communication and follow-through are achieved.


Having extensive experience in finance, development and construction, IDP provides comprehensive assistance through our strategic partnerships. We value the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our partners and developing working arrangements that support the mission of our clients.

Acquisition and Valuation analysis

Tax Credit application and Programming Services

Legal and Financial Structuring


Good consultation only occurs in an open-minded and open-dialogue environment with all parties vested in the property.